how i love her...

let me count the ways:
this girl kills me... just a little bit... all day long.
she takes my breath away.
- like tonight, as she sang 
"the lord is my shepherd, i'll walk with him always"
to her little brother who was having troubles falling asleep
because i told her i use to sing that song when i was feeling nervous or scared
and sometimes i still do.
- and like this afternoon when she asked,
"mom, are our costumers here?"
and i replied, "our what?"
and she in turn, "you know, our friends."
- and this evening when she reminded me 20 times that i was her best-est mom and that she loved me even though she was going downstairs to watch game 4 with dad.
- and like yesterday when she was eating her popsicle and riding her bike,
which she calls her baby goat,
and she couldn't get enough of the camera.
- and then when she tipped her (dad's) hat at me. 
i almost died for reals.

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