how do you spell "momma's day?"

we were already heading down to seattle 
to celebrate mr. tibbs and his #1 b-day (more on this to come).
so, my man, booked us a room down-town, saturday night, on points of course.
my parents took the adjoining room.
do you know what that means!
it means i got to wake up in a king sized bed with all my babes, 
tucked in neatly.  no squishy.
i didn't have to cook or do a dish.
we played at the children's museum, and at the fountain.
and even though we had our fair share of crazy,
 we weren't outnumbered. that is the key!
there were plenty of hands to go around
and we always had someone on the bench, resting up for the next shift.
we got a little sun on our faces.
we did a little stateside grocery shopping
 and we had starbucks, make that a couple starbucks,
cause that's what you do in seattle.
 it also means i got to spend the day with my momma.
and that, my friends, is how i spell "momma's day."


  1. that makes my heart so happy for ya! happy day to ya mama!

  2. Bo is wearing the shorts...glad he approves! Happy Momma's Day to you!!!

  3. i packed them in the suitcase. he had no other options!
    thanks nat. it was so great to see you! let's do dinner soon!