can you believe that day.
it was incredible.  
and while a day at the lake would have been great,
i stayed home and loved.
every moment.
something about the sun makes it really hard to say goodbye to dad.
(right jane-z)
we stayed outside nearly all day long.  
we had lots of little friends pop in.
i may have run an errand that included six ice cream cones and six small fries.
my kids taught our guests about fries in ice cream and all that jazz.  
while the kids rode their bikes, i cleaned my beds, my flower beds.  
now that i'm not nursing an infant i think i am really going to love working in the garden.
i'm not sure what the correlation is but it is there.
oregano and thyme, anyone?
as the afternoon started to turn into start-thinking-about-dinner-time 
i may have given my children popsicles.  
and they may have been pedialyte ones cause they were all i had.  
judge all you'd like, i've done worse.
char got her hair cut recently and i think she is actually cuter.
i didn't think it was possible.
my kids were so happy all day.
we barb-b-q'd dogs for dinner.
and then
i went to a movie.
i'm thinking about friday because 
i may have bitten jane.
happy weekend.


  1. i actually laughed out loud at your last comment! you make me smile, both in my heart and on my face.

  2. can we have all fridays be just like that? minus the bite the following day... hope you know how amazing you are, little non-nursing mama...

  3. I totally understand the correlation between nursing and gardening. I think it all the time, "Next year when I no longer have a child physically attached to me I will have a nice garden and I will love it". Currently I don't have much hope for this summer...

  4. I did too, Corinna! Great post, Car! Love the magic your phone does to those pictures. ☺

  5. This was food for my soul this morning.
    Sounds like a fine Friday. Too bad about the bite the next day.