do you have a collection?  
collections were a big deal when i was growing up.
my mom baby brother collected pez.
another brother collected gi joe's.
one of my friends collected pigs (smile).
gary collects white hand towels with a shark-thing on it,
 i mean an orca (tee hee, g hates when i call it a shark).
i've dabbled in a few collections.
but nothing, until recently, really ever stuck
today, i would say my collections include:
1. rocks my kids give me.
these little guys are a few of my favorite.  
see the one that looks like a fish!
that's gotta be worth something.
i even have a few prize chunks of wood.
i also adore schleich animals.
my kids play with them in any and all capacities: 
dirt, mud, playdough, paint, bubble baths.
i love seeing them in their apartments, on the porch, in the sink, on the ledge in the tub, 
even on the floor.
I never get tired seeing these little guys, 
stepping on them is another story.  
and most recently, 
we've been collecting books (like they are free or something).
it has been really really fun.
we are making friends with the canpar driver
and i am watching my kids develop an excitement and appreciation for books.
the neat thing is, 
 with these books what they are really developing is a love for learning. 
 we all have our favorites and i hope to blog here and there about books we are love'n most.
right now, the whole fam is digg'n our puzzle adventure book
(not to worry, they are not pain-in-the-behind jigsaw books).
 i love watching my kids follow the clues, investigate and put together the information they see to figure out the puzzles.  they are perfect for my kids ages and the stories seem to fuel lots of imaginative play 
it's a win win!   
oh and you got to see this,  it's really cool.
thanks, mrs. prang!


  1. I am dying. I literally guffawed. ☺ Oh those were the days...Thank you for the reminder of how fun it was to be a girl and collect fun things. I like what you have going so far. Love you!

  2. oh, but I have a soft spot for the little collection of rocks... I had a similar pile on a windowsill for nearly seven years, until my egan reclaimed it as her own. it now sits in her room in a collection of drawers. even though she's nine this summer, we both still add to the collection of pretty, interesting, and meaningful rocks. a soft spot. yes.