true story

this morning i went downstairs to turn a load of laundry.
i passed char on the stairs.
we said "hi."
about 7 minutes later i came back upstairs.
  unfamiliar music was coming from the kitchen.
well, wouldn't you know,
char had found i tunes on the computer 
(so crazy! i can barely find itunes on the computer) 
unfortunately she clicked on 
katy perry. 
and as if the nightmare couldn't get any worse
she was previewing "i kissed a girl."
i might have thrown up a little in my mouth.
i quickly turned it off and explained to the best of my ability why were 
not going to listen to that "princess" music.  
i took her to taylor swift's album 
and told her she could listen 
to this instead.
if you feel like crying a little, let it play while you look at these:

also worth noting:
char started using the phrase 
"freaking me out"
as in 
"mom!!! bo's tooters are freaking me out."


  1. wow, that's totally freakin' me out. LOL :)

  2. just speechless...was this to "Love Story"? If so, I'm crying happy tears!