my bones

 i feel like i've been talking about char a lot lately...
here are a few things i'm loving about my bodhi boy these days.
- he still loves his trains.
- he's figured out how to ride jane-z's the tricycle.
hopefully by summer he'll feel confident enough to try his own bike.
he is also something of a daredevil on a skateboard.
(maybe like his uncle rob!)
- the potty mouth has been a little out of control lately but apparently that's normal with boys.
is it?
also, i recently threw away a disney's "little mermaid" book because he said he liked her "boobies."
still normal?
- he has a super soft spirit and is easily saddened.
he can not handle if one of the girls is hurt or if i raise my voice.
i love that about him.  
- he is very interested in learning. 
he loves working on his letters and numbers and shapes.
- last night i watched him meticulously make his bed before climbing in to it ever so carefully.
i need to find a way to encourage him to do that after he gets up.
- he is starting to understand that if he is "brave" he will get to have more fun and not always have to watch from the sidelines.
he is actually going to his swimming lesson without daddy and he even went to sunday school (once).
i love watching his face when i tell him how proud of him i am...
- he winks at me.
- he still loves chippies and yogurt.
- he is the kindest.  he would never think to hit or be violent.
the thought would probably make him tear up.
he will sometimes shove jane-z but it's usually in self-defence.
- this evening while giving medical attention to two very sick puppies, dr. bo held each puppy securely in his arms, he rocked them gently and kissed their heads.
it was part of their wellness plan.
that, my friends, is bedside manner! 
-oh, and his favorite person in the world might be 
his sister, char.

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