my charlee girl.

i've been told...
but know i'm a believer -
4 is the best age in the whole world.

case in point:
this morning, char woke up sobbing-scared.
i heard her daddy go into her room and ask her what was wrong.
she said she had a really bad dream.  
gary scooped her up and tucked her in next to me.
she looked at me with large unblinking eyes.  
and then this gem unfolded:
me: tell me about it.
char: someone brought a worm in our house.
me: what kind of worm?
char: a green worm and it was walking around the house
and then someone put it in a worm machine and 
it came out really really stinky.
(she was almost tearing up again)
me: that's terrible (but what i was thinking was - i already love this day)
char: yeah... and then it was walking around the kitchen and there was ice cream but i didn't have any.  
and i was so scared.  
me: how big was the worm.
char: this big
(she held up her pointer and her thumb with exactly 2 inches between them)
me: absolutely terrifying!
char: i know.

a little later we had this back-and-forth:
me: grandma jodi's coming this weekend.
char: grandma jodi?
me: yep!
char: are you going to have another baby?
me: what? no! why would ask that?
char: (shrug and smile)

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