i don't know how to say this

my life is many things.
 dull is not one of them.
i'm concerned charlee believes me to be much older than i am.
and perhaps much older than my peers.  
(maybe it's time to toss the white granny nighty 
and get a pair of yoga pants like all the other mom's my age.  
for the record,
i hate yoga pants.  
that is unless we are talking about a goucho.
and i really do love my granny nighty).  

here are a few of the recent comments she has made:

"mmmmm.... you smell like grandma."

"how can an old woman have a two babies in her tummy?"

her: "mom, i don't want you to die"
me: "i'm not going to die! why would you even think that?"
her: "but you have grey hair!"  

eternal-youth culture plus hair die is not doing our children (or my self-confidence) any favours.
speaking of my beloved granny nighty...
the belly is growing.
and fast.
felt one of the little suckers kick tonight.  
not a flutter.   
a real kick to the gut.


  1. Oh my goodness...I can't stop laughing at Charlee's "old woman" comment! Love it! Thinking of you and your beautiful growing belly!

  2. Heehee. I have had comments made to me about being old too. Out of the mouth of babes...{sigh} My Cute has said several times she doesn't want me to die either. Where do they come up with this stuff? ☺ I am sooo excited to see a belly photo! I rather like your stylish white nightgown, myself. ☺

  3. granny nighties* or bust!

    * can also be replaced with:
    grey hair
    memory loss
    sagging nether regions