when we sleep

our kids have never been great sleepers.
don't get me wrong,
they go to bed amazingly.
and they usually give us three to four good hours.
but it seems as if every night we have a one-to-three-kid-combo deal of 
one or more of the following:
kid in our bed.
kid with bad dream.
kid has to go potty.
kid pees bed.
kid sleep talks.
kid wakes up hungry.
kid can't breath or stop coughing 
or kid pukes.

and if one of these things doesn't happen, then either gary or i 
will develop a freak case of insomnia.   
it's weird.

all that to say,
it is rare that all five of us sleep all the way through.
these photos were taken after one such glorious night.
i must admit the world was beautiful and shiny.
 it helped that the day before all the floors were vacuumed and washed.  
and the sheets were clean.
and there was snow on the ground.  
i couldn't help pulling out my camera.  
and i can't help loving these photos.
i'm sure it was all that sleep (times five).

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