i've been thinking about this guy.
and how lucky i am to have him.
we are going on 10 years.  
of marriage.
and after 10 whole years, i can still say,
he is my favorite.

he is wonderful man.
and the best father.
we have been trying to do date nights with the kids, you know intentional one on one's.
the thing is when it's my turn to take the kids out, they find it especially
difficult to leave dad at home.  
bo gave up a date night with me at castle fun park
to sit in this man's lap and watch the game.  i don't blame him.  smile.  

this is what our 10 looks like:  

3 kids.

lots and lots of coffee.

date nights to the pool (another post all-together).

going to church together. 
growing together.
dreaming together.

eating chips in our bed.
sleeping in the kid's bed.

weekends cleaning out the shop.
or at the zoo.

lot's of "thank you."
lots of "i'm sorry."

crappy vehicles.
good food.

incredible friendships.

tons of laughter & the best humour.
(the kind of stuff you can't make up).

the other night, we are in bed.
he is watching episodes of arrested development.  
i am cursing at working on a pot holder.  
i thought i bought the kit for charlee.
no such luck.

gary looks over his glasses at me with one of those sideways snickers. 
i get defensive, of course,
"what are you looking at me like that for?"
 i start to see the funny,
"are you like super attracted to me 
right now?"

he replies,
 between the granny pannies*
and the granny crafts,
do i have a much of a choice?"

we die laughing 
and fall just a little more in love.  

laughter is the glue my friends.  

*sometimes my mom buys unders for herself that don't actually work for her.  
she will pass them along to me and i usually take them, because they are,
gary calls them my "granny pannies."
because my mom is a granny, literally.  
as in, she has grandchildren.

our glue.

here's to another 10.


  1. you guys are *adorbs*. for reals. (xoxo)

  2. you can make me a pot holder in granny pannies any day... LOVES! happy 10 year to some of my absolute faves.

  3. I know all about that glue. I am literally married to the funniest man I know (fair game. I don't know gary).

  4. I giggled. aloud. blessings. xo