it's not even 9:00 am

the kids are at the table doing some early morning crafting, 
while i pay some bills 
and try to put as much coffee in my body as possible. 
i hear the kids talking to themselves.
it's cute.
bo says something like "yep, that's good like new."
i put down my coffee, smile and think to myself, "i gotta see this."
i turn to see the situation pictured below. 
apparently it is a batman thing cause all he said was
"mom, this is what batman neeeeeds."
of course it is.
but then
jane came over and said, "oh bodhi, dat soooo handsome."
now, i could be wrong,
 but i'm pretty sure my 2 year just did a really funny pun.


  1. love that cray cray Batman! Bodhi Walter, you amaze me!

  2. the last two pictures are the best!, he almost looks like a super villain with that scratch over his eye! haha

    - Robbin