my kids adore their cousin, 
i don't blame 'em one bit.
he is lovely.  
when he spends time with our family,
 he is not distracted by texting or facebooking his friends
he gives us his pure attention.  
he's the one who will: 
play in forts.
ride the christmas train.
read stories in awesome voices.
play video games with added sound effects.
play 'easter hunt' even though it's not easter and he can't eat chocolate.
brenden has had to grow up a lot (for reals) lately.
he has spent the better part of the last five months in children's hospital, 
hooked up to all kinds of tortures,
and on bowel rest.
that means no burgers, no pizza, no chips, no pop, and no anything, 
except for strawberry ensure.  
this last visit, i was completely inspired by his attitude.  
he did not complain once.  his attitude was one of willingness to do whatever he needed to.  
he gave lots of hugs and kisses, he smiled, he visited and he gave the kids so much of his time. 
he seemed to be peaceful and even joyful despite of his "strawberry-ensure" situation. 
we love you, buddy.
one of these kids prays for you just about everyday!  
keep trusting jesus. 

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