thomas in trouble

we just got home from our 
sweet little friend, vida blue's  
birthday party.
vida is 4 and lovely
and brimming and bright.  
she was all about marshmallows and cupcakes,
headbands, and necklaces this evening.  
there were hundreds of balloons, twinkling candles
for christmas this sweet little girl got 
a train set that looked something like 

i'm pretty sure it's the polar express by lionel.
it's something like a 0-gauge train set with 
real puffing smoke.  
it's pretty cool.
needless to say, bodhi 
did not care about 
or gift opening.
he spent a total of 4.5 hours 
with the train.  
he would emerge now and then with,
"mom, you gotta check this out!"
and of course, i'd go.
a couple times i had to help him
"smoosh" (his words) the tracks back together. 
i'd say he was completely and totally smitten. 
the wonder on his face did something to my heart.
there is something incredible and inspiring about
seeing your child
engage and connect.
 here i am, looking it up on ebay.
and although i'm pretty sure the train thing
won't last forever
and i'm also pretty sure (after checking it on ebay)
we won't be getting the polar express train set,
i want to be the one that is "checking it out", excited, and encouraging,
when bodhi does find, engage and connect with that thing
that will last forever.

does that make sense?

 on the way home
he leaned his head back in his seat and half whispered, 
half breathed,
"that polar express was so awesome
and so 
so trainy."

"trainy" - my new favorite word.  

i wouldn't be surprised if bo is dream'n of that train
right this very minute.  

here's a photo of my boy, for good measure.
love him, just so dang much.


  1. bodhi. stealin hearts left and right. mine included.

  2. this just made 'us' smile all around. bless that boy & his sweet "trainy" love. (xo)