big fish

whales, baby!
and baby whales!  
creation unit: day 5.b
*please find below two adorable photos of 
charlee signing "whale" in american sign language
as well as two photos of her brother
acting like a dimwit.
not sure what our little bud, ollie, is doing.
i took these big kids to this movie this afternoon.  
i knew the story would be a little over their head,
but i've got an mammal maniac over here
and i knew the images in this film would be so inspiring  
and they were.
  char told me this evening, she can't decide wether she want's to be an, 
"africa girl" (safari guide)
or live in "chilly bear, alaska" (barrow, alaska) with the whales.
that's a tough one, honey.  


  1. i love dimwits. and i think ollie is leading bodhi in it...i'll take dimwits for life!