dino babies

last week i sold our pottery barn polka dot pram on craigslist.
with the money we got from it we bought a couple sets of dinosaur playmobile.  
best decision.  ever.  
we are talking hours and hours of brotha - sista good times.  every day.
jane-z gets in on the "saurs" too.  i just have to stay on top of her real good.
she has a tendency to behave like a meat eater, herself.
what can i say.  they are little dino babies.
we only have the t-rex set and a few little velociraptors.  
wait till they finds out there are triceratops and brachiosaurus sets.
the question becomes:
what else can i sell on craigslist?
daddy must have some tools he doesn't use.
wink wink.


  1. oh, I have a feeling Caleb would LOVE those dinos :)

  2. Ok, *this* post is so stinkin cute. I love how Charlee is peeking in each picture. I also love how T-Rex is holding onto their a}baby or b}snack for later. We have never experienced the joy of dinos at our house. {sigh} So, I pretty much rambled. Sorry. ☺