me & bo

today was right of passage kind of day for me.
i mean it was a totally normal day:
i cooked, cleaned, wiped noses, wiped bums, folded laundry
 did school work with the kids and played at the park,
but i also 
sent charlee and bodhi through the till at Michael's with items and a 40% off coupon.
when it was bo's turn he kept giving me these hilarious big sideways glances and whispering, 
"what do i do next?"
my son make me laugh.
here are a few gems he came up with today

bo: mooom, my bone is saying i'm hungry
not my bottom bone,
my higher bone.
my up high bone is saying,
"feeeed meeeee"
(in a cranky, scratchy, hungry bone voice).
bo: mom, i want you to have a different name.
me: ok.
bo: how about "percy" or how about
"percy mommy"
(he wasn't kidding, i've been "percy mommy" all evening).
this photo is from last summer.
i think it says it all.

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