just a little story

last night char and bo were in the tub.  
jane was out, dried and jammied.
i was putting away laundry probably checking pinterest
when i heard the water on. again. 
this is an issue sometimes.  
our tub is humongous and there is regular temptation 
to keep turning the water on
and fill the tub up 
so the kids can practice their back floats.
(i dont' really blame them, i just try to act like i do.
i have some pretty conscientious friends who would probably give me a
whooping if they new how much water we send down that drain.)     
so, i barged in there with my hand on my hip 
and my mom voice,
"i said no more water, y'hear!"
char and bo looked up at me 
from their plastic bowls and their bum-soup bath game (that's what i call it)
like i was crazy.
i turned, slowly, when i realized the running water, was in fact, not coming from the tub
and saw this:
jane looked at me with big exclaiming eyes
and squealed,
"i bath meeeEEEeeee, maw maw!"
and a little sidenote: 
lately jane has been referring to me as 
"maw maw"
like we live somewhere called bogalusa or ponchatoula or folsom
(no offense).  
if she is going to call me "maw maw," i'm going to start calling gary,
hopefully it'll stick.

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  1. ROFL! Seriously guffawed over that one. Oh how I love the stories you share! ☺