we had something to celebrate friday evening.  
jane-z pie is picking up the potty thing with more success than disaster.
we headed to walmart to let her pick out her own undies.
not surprisingly, they were out of size mini undies in the brand we were looking for.
but they did have these awesome lighting mcqueen britches and bodhi was pretty pumped.

yep, we went here.
we went with our tried and true, adventure friends
and the end result was, as usual, awesomeness.
all i can say is,
 lack of photos = we were having too much fun to get the camera out.

sunday, august 14, 2011
marked one year
since matt went to live with jesus.
in the evening we picked up "peanut" buster bars from dq
and went to the remembering place
to do a little remembering.
we remembered matt's sounds and the way he liked to shake hands.
we remembered his spot on the couch and how he held each one of the kids when they were new.
we remembered how his smile would start small, linger at grin and then take over his whole body.
we remember...
  and we miss you, matt!

i'm thinking of sending the little family photo in the middle there to this website.
what do you think?


  1. love to you all as you remember. and car, do it! i dare you!

  2. You are so inspiring.
    Who else could talk about undies,"ka chow", Jesus, heaven, the end of a young life, ice cream, and awkward family photos all in one post?