remember when i use to do this?

those were the good o'l days.
hey momma, this one's for you
and for old times sake.
the other day i took just bodhi out for an ice cream sandwich date.
it's been a long couple of months and i've been missing my kids 
and feeling like i need to connect with them in a special time kind of way.   
we sat outside of Lepp Farm Market and took turns with our little melty cookies and cream, 
except i could only take bites like a baby - "not big."
if you've ever shared food with bo, you know the drill.
because we don't live far from Lepps, i decided to let bo put his booster in the front seat for the drive home so we could keep talking and hold hands.  it's a real special thing we do sometimes.    
almost as special as what transpired as we were driving.
we were driving past a hobby farm with a densely tree'd hill looming behind it.  
bo: hey mom, guess what's in that scary jungle.
me: what?  
we both made scared big eyes.
bo: big. scary. monkeys.  
with cymbals. that go "aah aah aah."
i died laughing and he loved that.
me: you know what else is scary?
bo: what?
my first thought was "dinosaurs" or "monsters" but i didn't want to give the sensitive kid nightmares so intead i came up with 
me: girls. with short shorts.  
bo: how about girls with cymbals that go "aah aah aah"
me:  yes, bo!  sooo scary!  
we went on for a little bit more, shaking our heads and making more big eyes.  
me: son, this might be the best conversation i've ever had!  
bo: yeesh, scary stuff.  
that's right.  he said, "yeesh, scary stuff."


  1. So cute. Is that a cow in the background? Waiting for mermaid pictures...

  2. that made my night...maybe even my week! love me some bodhi humor!