i feel like the summer-me is coming out to play.  
i'm not sure what to think or write about june and july.  
i tend to conceptualize the time period in list form:
living room floor - check
kitties born - check
wedding 1 - check
dental work - check-ish
char and jane's birthdays - check, check
respite - check
visitors - check, check, check...
wedding 2 - check
flu and colds - check
the hunger games - check (out my messy house!)
and although the list stuff continues into august,
gary's surgery - check
deck railing - checking.
find kitty homes - check pending
i'm starting to feel like it's ok to breathe a little
and play a little at the lake and the library
and like i have time to take pictures of my kids 
and make fruit tarts
and then share them with my neighbors.
this makes me happy.   
this evening i decided, i reeeeally need august to be a reeeeally long month.
and i need to go to the beach.  

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