all about bikes

that's right, we are psyched about bikes over here.  
the other day we even set up a bike gas station/ work shop.  
it was totally rad.  also, it preoccupied my kids and a friend for at least 2 hours.
our bike station was fully equipped to 
provide the following services:
bike gas and oil,
bike wash,
 lemonade for the parched workers
and lounge.
in other big bike news,
char has graduated to a 
(photos to come)
which required we find a new, non-pumping-down bike for bo.
he was pretty "pumped" himself when we found a sweet boy bike for 
5 bucks at a garage sale.
(i'll never buy new again, or at least until they are much older - like teenagers). 

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  1. FUUN! Reminds me of when Mins and I were little. We would ride our bikes all over our property for hours and hours. We would wash and tweak and then ride some more. One of my favorite things was "drive-thru bank". Ahhh, to be little again. ☺