one of these statements is not true...

can you guess?

i'm a little sore, i'm guessing because of all my freestyle slip'n slide moves
i perfected on the weekend.  ask me about my "flying squirrel."

it could also be because i nearly fell off the roof on the 4th of July.
luckily i caught myself on the gutter, Lara Croft style.  see image below.

yesterday morning i took a rather thrilling shower with a very large, maimed, suicide-bomber moth. that was fun.

while weeding my front garden, i overheard "bodhi, would you like to watch me lay my eggs?"  when i went over to check i discovered that char had constructed a nest completely out of leaves she picked with her mouth.

i wore short(ish) (mom)shorts to the grocery store.  hooray for july!

somewhere, somehow, i feel like i forgot how to blog.

my brother calls charlee "the innovator." it fits.  she finds a new adventure in the ordinary everyday.

i am coming to grips with wearing a strapless, satin, mermaid coloured bridesmaid dress in my brothers wedding.  must maintain malibu barbie tan to pull it off.

jane is putting words together.  it's really great.  i love when she comes in to my room first thing in the morning with a "mom, big poooop."  tonight she came in and said "bo. hit. me."

i stole a bottle of suave shampoo from my mom.  i was going to ask. then i forgot.  and now it's awkward.

it's nice, my fat jeans fit me like a glove.

after too many weeks, and too many times of having to ask strangers for advil, and my friends calling me names, i am off of the pain killers, people.  i feel like i have a new lease on life and hot and cold foods.  i heart root canals! 

i really love chocolate and banana together.  puke.



  1. BAHAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA. you, Lara Croft, are amazing. and hot.

  2. Who did your boob job? They're nice! A little too close together maybe...but nice! Sherilyn

  3. thank you sherilyn! you made my night!

  4. Heehee. LOVE this! I was guessing the Lara Croft too. I know how you Harris' like to party on the 4th. ;) Miss you!