for the record

when mom calls and offers gas, ferry moneys and a trip to the zoo for the whole family,
we drop everything (really we do).
and drive.
can you blame us?

it was a canada day/ 4th of july weekend of fun in the sun with my bro's and their loves.
and even though it's kind of old news now, i just have to share some of my faves.
here are the yearbook highlights:
  the zoo,
attending one of rusten's shows with all of my brothers and their wives (and one almost-wife),
banana hammocks,
a risky m&m heist,
slip'n slide wars,
and of course, many into the late night visits with my mom.
being with my family does something to me. 
it makes my heart feel like my face does when i get a bit of sun -
glow-y and alive.  

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