monday my love

this morning something in my spirit said in a deep authoritative voice,
"when your 4 year old folds an entire basket of towels 
do not refold!"
(even if the towels don't fit or display properly).
and i was like "i wouldn't dream of it."
 because i love 
in every cell of my being.
i take it here, i take it there.
i take it everywhere.
me and my new kiondos 
we're a new pair.
(sorry, i'm in a mood).  
i love it more every day. 
i call this my band of penance.
it's from twigg and bek, aka my very talented friend, jesse.
it's just what you need if you have mocked headbands 
in front of someone wearing a headband.  
if you too, find yourself in this situation, you should probably go here.
or you can go to the bellingham farmer's market and repent and band up.
that's what i did.
for a headband, i love
case of mangos:
my kids reading.
all. the. time.
love. love. love.
char figured out the hipstamatic on my iphone.


  1. Those towels are seriously breakin' my heart.

  2. you are just so darn neato.
    and I love the bag, the towels, and the headband.