elephant butts and little miracles.

 the blog-well has been dry.
maybe you have noticed.
not for lack of "crazy" that's for sure.
more for lack of me.
this last week has involved... 
all of the above.
and in particular:
floor boards and drywall
and book fairs
and children-a-puking - always fun.
i have not been feeling 100% either.
jesus is good
i am still going, i feel sustained.
i don't feel stressed at the moment, as i haven't gone in my laundry room yet this morning.
and there have definitely been moments that have brought joy to my heart and laughter to my belly.
thought i should share.

1. bo's new favorite t-shirt
 and yeah... he prefers to wear it backwards.
can you blame him.
his words: "i need the butt in the front."
speaking of bo, he's down at the moment with the little yuck-bug we picked up somewhere.
he only p-word once, but let's just say, i consider it a total miracle that i bought pull-ups and insisted he wear one last night due to 2 bedtime accidents in a row.
little did i know what i was saving myself from.
hopefully no more description is necessary.
more his words: "that is weird."
yes bo, it really is.

2. keep'n it real.
yesterday i got to spend the morning with some of my favorite ladies.
ash and i headed out to vancouver to see our friend's nat and julie.
it was kinda just what the doctor ordered and probably the reason i'm hang'n in there today.
these ladies love jesus and know how to encourage a sister.
we were at the park.  all the children were happy and chasing butterflies.
we were mid the no-more-best-foot-to-put-forward conversation,
when a concerned patron pulled this one:
patron: "excuse me, is this your baby?"
ash: "yeah"
patron: "his nose is running."
(imagine this in the same tone you would hear/say "he's gushing blood from his eye balls").
for reals.
ash was so totally cool, she waddled (cause she's about to give birth) over to her "baby" and with a
"look at that"
wiped his snoobers with the sleeve of her cardigan.
then she followed it up with this most brilliant move,
she goes, "my nose is running too"
and then wiped her own nose with the same sleeve.
(ash, i almost went over there and kissed you on your snotty nose!)
(btw, i really hope we didn't pass our germs to you
i really thought we were in the clear.)

3. my pain in the jane.
this is when gary suggested that the reason jane doesn't respect me like she does him is because
while self respecting parents are saying:
"get your fork out of your nose, right now!"
  i am snapping photos.
he might have a point.
 i still love this photo.
and i'm sure jane and i will find our way.
i'll win her heart one way or another.
and someday gary will bless my name
 when i'm showing this photo to jane's first boyfriend.
and that's all the joy i can muster for now.
time for laundry.
and for another pull-up.


  1. this post did wonders for this overwhelmed Mama too. Thanks for keepin it real. (Ash - that story is so beautiful. :)

  2. AH.
    Food for the soul.

    This mama's feeling a wee bit dried up these days, too.

  3. oh my... the shirt, the pull up, the snot, all the entertainment I need tonight :)

  4. glad i could encourage someone, somewhere, through the rawness/raunchiness of my daily habits. definitely LOVE that one miss carleigh davey LOVES that i have no best foot to even put forward! hey?amen?!