give credit, where credit is due

i think i've actually said something along these lines before:
"oh, gary can't take a decent photo to save his life."
first of all, shame on me, that is just mean-ness!
(g, thanks for always forgiving me!)
because secondly, most of the photos from my last couple of posts were all taken by g.
he can definitely save his life...
these photos were taken at pikes place market, downtown seattle, this weekend.
i still cannot believe the puppy's owner let my 22 month old hold this baby chiwawa.  
as you can see, she took it all very seriously.
i i think if i would have seen the first photo of char, i would have emptied my wallet and brought that little purse-dog home.  
it's probably a good thing i didn't.

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  1. When I saw the first pic, I thought for sure you wouldn't be able to resist buying it!! My dad put a puppy in my hands at about 18 months when we were at a fair.....it came home with us!! BTW, it's "chihuahua".:) Sherilyn