good friday/ saturday

we've had an incredible weekend.
i wish every weekend was three days.
and the sun.
it blesses me.
i should probably clarify "incredible."
it was "incredible" for me.
we spent the entire couple days outside.
aside from a trip to the dump and a couple trips to the de-pot.
we've been cleaning up our yard.
cleaning and organizing gary's work space.
funny story actually, 
i had a little tantrum 
about the work space.
when i was saying "i'm sorry" for my emotional outburst
i concluded with 
"the space is too spicy... and too squeezy for me"
- that's how bo describes buttons on his shirts and pasta.
i think gary had an "aha moment" cause he's been sweep'n up at the end of each day.
 bless his heart.
we've also been working on some projects.  
we've nearly sanded the second hand bunk beds i purchased with a vision on craig's list 
(almost a year ago).
i got pretty comfortable wearing safety goggles and wielding the belt sander this afternoon.
the bunk beds have kind of turned into a "do or die" situation in this house.
we curse them often
... but i'm pretty sure they'll be blog-worthy when they are finished.
we also cut 13 sheets of plywood into 8" strips.
while i was at my parents last weekend, gary pulled up our living room/ dining room carpet.  
we are going to try this out.  i'll keep you posted as i'm hoping the finished result will also be 
blog worthy. 
we have got a lot of irons in the fire right now.  
sometimes it's hard not to get overwhelmed and discouraged.  
this weekend, we enjoyed the tasks. 
we enjoyed each other and the kids.
the kids were amazing.
they played outside, along side of us.
they made up all kinds of games together
and got so totally filthy.  i'm going to have to burn their socks.
i'd explain some of their games if i had the photos to go along.
they were awesome.
like bikes-turned-goats-eating-my-shrubs-awesome.
here are the only photos i have 
and they are totally blog-worthy:
the beautiful boy put himself down for a nap on the nasty underlay in the carport
(can't believe i'm advertising that disaster.  it's not so bad now).

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  1. I think you're pretty incredible you know. You & that sweet man of yours.

    P.S. Great photo update. I like. A lot.