my tired face

i'm not sure i've sat down this week for one relaxing moment. 
sure, i have sat.
i've emailed 
i've read stories.
i've snuggled and rubbed backs.
sometimes i sit to change diapers.
i've blogged, once, i think.
shoot, i make folding laundry look like r&r
but it's really not.
this week,
my brain has been all go go go.
there has been a lot happening: 
bo's had a bad cough and
i've been to the hospital and
i've been administering puffers and motrin
and burying his snot-puke at the park.
the tire had a leaky valve,
that's taken care of now.
gary's been away.
the basement was all helter skelter after a weekend of projects,
the cat's been in heat and i've been interviewing prospective toms.
 i spent an hour of my day on monday using harsh chemicals to remove panty liners (ala-charlee) 
from the toilet bowl, basin, seat and tank.
it was like potty/panty liner art in the moment, i guess. 
who knew that sticky stuff was so potent.
has been full.
i'm taking off in the morning to go to my parents.
when i get to their home, i will really sit and a weight will come off my shoulders for a few moments.
and they will love my babes
and give them chippies for breakfast
and figure out what's for dinner.
and maybe let me sleep in on the weekend. 
my dad will make sure i have coffee and chocolate
and my mom might rub my head
(hope that's not too much info).
i can't wait.
so goodnight
or should i say goodmorning.
signing off,


  1. Even though you may be a little tired looking, you are still a beauty, inside and out. Jealous of the fun time, head rubs and coffee w/chocolate that awaits you. Have a relaxing time! Tell them hello for me! ☺

  2. oh lovely mama...you are always radiant and bright and inspiring. i love you and all your craziness...it warms my heart. have fun with the fam!

  3. the trip sounds delightful! Thanks for sharing part of your busy week with me and some friends. You blessed us with more than books. :)

  4. I don't know... your tired face is still lookin' pretty cute. Hugs to mama Jodi & papa Walt.

    P.S. So great to hear your voice tonight. (xo)

  5. Your tired face is still stunning!!!

  6. i've noticed lately that my skin is starting to look really tired. old, if you will. i don't like it. please share any tips you may have for such an affliction.