it didn't rain today so we...

ditched the laundry 
and packed up our bikes and headed to the beautiful-ish
mill lake.
kathleen's mom is visiting from out of town 
and we wanted to show her a good time.  
it wasn't raining
but it was cold, socks-on-hands-cold.
the kids made it a full lap around the lake, but barely.
the last few meters, char insisted she couldn't do her breath anymore
and bo nearly fell asleep while pedaling.
i'm not even kidding.
we warmed up tim hortons style 
and when we got home the kids had great naps.
it was a morning, well worth it's weight in folded clothes.
it's the little victories: the kids have watched a total of 2 hours of "shows" this week.  
we have had 3 out of 5 total-tv-free days.  
that's something, isn't it!
happy weekend.

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  1. Well played sweet mama. You never cease to amaze. (xo)