i'm ok with this...

i love the statements my kids make with their outfits.
and if they really love something (like a butterfly dress or a fluorescent zoo t-shirt) i love it too.  
i can't help it.
char is a layers girl, as in dress over skirt - very gypsy!  
bo is a sweat-sido dude.  he's not a fan of buttons or zippers or collars - understandably so.
jane is my wild one.  colors and prints are our friends and she is crazy about shoes.  
and really, i like letting my kids pick their clothes.
i think it gives them an opportunity to think for themselves and 
assert their ability to choose in an area where they can't really go wrong.
my children are little people, individuals on the same journey as me.
worrying about how they dress is more a reflection of my insecurity
than it is looking out for their best interest.
today, however, i drew the line.
i asserted my ability to "choose" not to let my daughter wear   
 sport socks with sparkle ballet flats.
she was so bummed.
i gave her options - boots with socks or "sparkle shoes."
even now as i type this, i'm thinking, what's so bad with socks and sparkle shoes?


  1. "Everything!" If you want to hear "nothing!" talk to my husband. ;)

    Love ya, love ya!

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  3. what i meant to say is... i'm sure when char is 16 she will appreciate your fashion sense in a big way (first try came out wrong).

    and i'm still bored of looking at your chest.

    love you!

  4. I wanna hear how it came out the first time. ;)

    And FYI, even at her worst Miss Charlee has a better fashion sense than me at my best. You know it's true.

  5. I live in seattle now.. socks and shoes are becoming part of my norm :0

  6. kacey - seattle was my old stomp'n ground (i grew up on the peninsula). it (seattle) and socks hold a special little place in my heart.