the dark horse

when i say these little 2-in-1 word combos:
do you get little feelings like spiders are crawling up your back?
yeah, me too.
(big shiver)
you know what else kills me?
public speaking.
can i get an amen?
i would describe the experience like
blacking out
then follow it up with about 2-4 hours of
feeling disoriented, maybe a little concussed.
the nausea for me comes a little before and a little after.
all of  which is knee-slapping hilarious considering,
i'm signing up to sell
usborne books
on monday.
(awkward silence)
there are lots of reasons i'm doing this.
#1 on the list being, i've never been "exclusive-executive" at anything.
and #2, and probably the most significant, i want to fill my home with
beautiful and inviting agents
of information, ideas, color and creativity
and these books fit into that department beautifully,
almost as well as crayola products.
honestly, i flip through the catalog and start to envision really big book shelves in every room.
 i'd really like to be able to fill them without spending a small fortune -
cause i don't have a small fortune.
and #3, i experience a mild euphoria when my children read books.
it's like getting a pat on the back at work or something.  it just feels good.
the list goes on,
 but i don't want to bore you here
(my happy place).
ok... so, here is the official put-it-out-there.
if you are in the mood to book a show with me, i'm down (like a rockstar).
and if you do so in the next 6 (7 actually) weeks
you get double the rockstar treatment.
oooh la la!
(that means double the free money to buy books for your mod squad)
and if free books don't entice you...
then perhaps you might consider
watching me give a group presentation with a barf bag,
worth your time in gold.


  1. i love usborne! and I'll buy from you. and I love your reason to pursue it and the way you "put it out there".

  2. Yaaaaaaaaaaaaaay! They are the "rockstar" of books, and you are the "rockstar" of selling them, ok, soon to be. ☺ The apple does not fall far from the tree. ☺ You go girl!

  3. you know my thoughts...and they all involve you public speaking and you being my exclusive executive. i'm so in.