happy new-blog!

i'm on blogspot!
i know! big change! right?
it has been pretty involved the last couple of days,
(almost crazy)
which explains my recent silence... of the blog.
also you should see my house, or should i say, my abode of neglect.
i wasn't really planning a change.
earlier this week i was trying to upload photos from our visit with gary's parents and new years
but wordpress had had enough and was wanting to charge me money
to upload any more photos.
um, no thank you.
after looking into my options, i decided to come here.
so here's to a new year
and a new crazy
and a new spot on the web for my blog.


  1. By the way... welcome to blogspot sweet mama.

    It looks good on you.


    Better late than never, I say. (xo)

  2. Yaaaaaaaaaaay! I love it. I have enjoyed Blogspot myself. I hope you do too! Yaaaaaaaaaay! ☺