beautiful in theory

my kids have started something new.
instead of coming into our room first thing in the morning and demanding breakfast, 
they just go help themselves to whatever they can reach.
i'm not sure whether i love this development or should put a stop to it immediately. 
- this is a perfect example of what separates me from the moms with super clean houses.
bo usually goes for the chocolate chips or the taco chips...
notice a theme.
char, on the other hand prefers the savory side of the breakfast spectrum.
this morning she went for the boiled eggs.
unfortunately, temptation got the best of her.
she just couldn't help herself -
she had to make a nest for one of those boiled eggs.
she has an egg thing - always has.
i can't really blame her.  i think it's kind of beautiful in it's way
 and it appeals to the nurturing-baby-egg side of my heart.
and might i add,
who wouldn't love to cozy up with snapped peas and...
what is that?  shell?
yeah it's shell.  i know 'cause the egg that was in that shell was all over the kitchen floor.

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  1. this is so what happens in my house in the morning. Not so much the egg nest, more the chips ... Jax has just recently figured out how to open the fridge. good times, good times.